How to Download Friday Night Funkin’ FREE on Mac/Windows

How to Download Friday Night Funkin’ FREE on Mac/Windows

How to Download Friday Night Funkin’ FREE on Mac/Windows today i'm going to be showing you how to download friday night funkin on mac and windows for free so all you need to.

Do is open safari or google and then click the first one right here after you do.

That you go down and then until you see download click that you'll see no thanks just take me to.

The downloads right here and when you click it it takes you to the downloads you can click apple or windows or whatever since we have an apple we're gonna click on, the apple link so when the screen pops up it'll automatically start downloading right here.

Look downloading all you need to do is go to your download files and double click bunken and that's how you, do it now oh my god his name isn't it whoa what press enter to begin. I read it let's do story mode you should do week one on easy go oh there's different characters for each week look look they're still making more weeks go it's, so easy wasn't even hard because i'm so easy oh i wonder how they is that how they talk, sure i don't know um yes hey, i'm messing up you're messing up alex you're messing up i'm completely winning you.

Literally just alex you just lost oh you went you won look at the little bottom is the second part oh it's harder oh my gosh oh no so what you're you're practically fighting.

Over the girl or what i think so all messing up oh my god your, wrapping skills are off the wall shut up brennan no no no no no you're gonna, lose alex the game boy you're getting nervous oh no felix no wait how did you win you just got to survival around i'm pretty. Sure are you serious but i did not know that what the hell, okay okay i got this i got this i got this i'm smooth with it are you really oh hell no alex i don't know you, messed me up sorry look at the fingerwork i guess right i think you do why is it throbbing can you explain. That alex i hope you guys found this video helpful if you can't download it um comment down below.


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